We are a small kennel who have been showing and breeding for close to 20yrs.  Zandrac is Andrew and Rachel Jones togethger with our children: Trinity, Stephanie and Ayden are an active part of our kennel and provide a lot of attention and love for all our pets. 


We have undertaken a commitment to diversify the bloodlines in Australia and have been very successful in the choices of new males and our females.  Of note is Kwint, in 2006 we were fortunate to acquire a very sound in character dog that was to travel from the Netherlands to Melbourne and call the Jones his home.  Kwint has had a significant impact on the German Shepherd dog and we are extremely proud of what he has brought to the breeding stock of the future

Kwint continues to produce winners:: National 2015 Gold Medal bitch- Albata Yolee.


As we continue the journey and commitement we have an active interest in another male who resides in Sydney Karmay Kennels ...Toby von der Plassenburg SG 20 in 2012 Siegershow Germany.  He is a male who is very typey, long running bones and we are excited by the quality of progeny that has resulted from this very handsome dog. 

 In 2015 National Melbourne Toby attains the GOLD Medal....... Also produces the 6th & 7th place Excellent Open Dog placings as well as 4th Open Bitch plus other highly placed younger progeny.

Hatto vom Huhnegrab highly placed male at the German Siegershow in V82010 & 2011 has arrived in 2013 available at stud in Melbourne.  Hatto was placed 3rd for Bronze at the 2013 National held in Adelaide, his current progeny won Minor Puppy dog and bitch at the 2014 National Canberra.

After another trip to Germany for the Siegershow in 2013 it was evident  that certain bloodlines are being promoted to create balance back into the German Shepherd dog and having seen the progeny of Remo von Fichtenschlag is became apparent that the next male we would like to have come to Australia is a son:

      Xaro von der Plassenburg- who has VA parents and is very well bred but also is a dog that we hope will give us the attributes which attracted us to him in the first place.  Xaro is owned in partnership with Astasia Kennels in QLD.


We feed Royal Canin - http://www.royalcanin.com.au  





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